Take a look at our tasty food, grub and drinks.

Soups, appetizers and nibbles

Beef bullion - a thick, hearty broth made from all the pieces of the cow that don’t go into the burger. Served with a chunk of meat and other goodies (noodles, dumplings, veggies)69 Kč
Nachos rancheros - corn tostada chips drizzled with melted cheese, beans and our home-made chunky chipotle sals89 Kč
Nachos con carne - corn tostada chips with shredded beef (80g), melted cheese and home-made pico de gallo sals109 Kč
Crazy fries - farm fries with a generous helping of shredded beef (80g), BB special sauce, smothered in melted chees109 Kč
Dragon Balls - Melted cheddar and jalapeño pepper nuggets in Cajun blackened crust, served with chipotle salsa119 Kč

Main dishes

Chicken quesadilla: 100g of marinated chicken breast nestled in a jacket of tomato tortilla, melted cheese, diced tomatoes, onion, BBQ sauce and coriander. Served with tortilla chips, salsa and sour cream179 Kč
Burrito wrapped in a spinach or sundried tomato tortilla with rice, cheese and refried
beans. Served with sour cream, pico de gallo and chipotle salsa, and tortilla chips
- slow cooked beef (100g)199 Kč
- pollos hermanos (100g)179 Kč
- vegetarian (bean and corn mix)169 Kč
Chili con carne with tender chunks of marinated beef, served with basmati rice 189 Kč
Buffalo wings (400 g) - pile of chicken wings served hot and crispy with a glaze of BBQ sauce, accompanied by a side of small salad, a dollop of blue cheese sauce, and fresh baked baguette or focaccia199 Kč

Side dishes

Extra helping of fries (150 g)49 Kč
Homemade fries59 Kč
Mexican rice35 Kč
Toasted olive foaccacia or herb and garlic baguette35 Kč


Garlic aioli25 Kč
Chipotle salsa25 Kč
Sour cream25 Kč
Burger Berg special sauce25 Kč
Smokey BBQ sauce25 Kč
Chipotle mayonnaise25 Kč
Dijon mustard dip25 Kč
Ketchup15 Kč
Guacamole35 Kč


Basic beefburger - a 150g patty of fresh ground beef with all the fixins (melted cheddar, bacon, lettuce, and our own special sauce served on a fresh poppy-seed bun199 Kč
Deerburger/boarburger (depending on what’s running around the woods these days) 150g patty of wild game. Served on a sesame bun with carmelized onions, goat cheese and lettuce219 Kč
Chickenburger - 150g of ground breaded chicken breast with roast garlic dip, Served on a fresh herb bun with spinach, tomato and cheddar cheese189 Kč
Chipotle burger - - run for the border! 150g bio beef burger packed in a flour tortilla with chipotle aioli, cheddar, baby spinach.199 Kč
Jalapeño burger - beef burger slathered with chipotle salsa, jalapeños strips, and a gooey mess of cheddar cheese199 Kč
Cheeseburger - 150g bio beef burger served with double cheese, Dijon mustard dip, pickles and onions. An American classic!199 Kč
Veggie Burger - Veggie burger mix from grain, soy, beetroot and coconut oil, served with tomato, onion, guacamole and a side of nachos199 Kč
Feeling a bit ~extra~ today? No problem!
Add an extra meat patty?50 Kč
Double cheddar?25 Kč
Homemade fries instead of regular fries?15 Kč
Double bacon?25 Kč
Extra carmelized onion?25 Kč
Extra jalapeño25 Kč
Extra pickles?15 Kč
Extra onion?15 Kč
Fried egg?25 Kč
All our burgers are fresh-ground from locally sourced beef, birds and game. Tell your waiter if you want it mooing and bloody, medium, burnt to a crisp, or something in between. All burgers are served on our home-made buns and the chef’s special toppings to liven things up. Served with your choice of farm fries or small salad


Mixed salad with roasted chicken breast (100g) and creamy ranch dressing and parmesan cheese. Served with toasted baguette.169 Kč
Couscous salad with grilled halloumi cheese - Served with sun-dried tomatoes, olives and our homemade basil pesto179 Kč

Hot off the Grill

Rib eye steak (250g) served with a demi-glace sauce, green beans with bacon, home fries299 Kč
Deer or Boar Steak (250 g) - served with wild mushrooms and homemade herb gnocchi, lathered in a demi-glace sauce299 Kč

For the Kiddos

Kiddie chicken quesadilla (50g). Served with tortilla chips and fresh veggies129 Kč
Mini-burger (100g) with cheese and ketchup. Served with fries and fresh veggie139 Kč
Grilled cheese sandwich with pulled chicken - Sandwich with melted cheddar and pulled chicken (50 g). Served with fries and fresh veggies129 Kč

Something sweet

Classic American brownie with a boulder of ice cream and drowned in hot fudge sauce89 Kč
Cheesecake with rasberry coulis and fresh cream89 Kč
Double scoop of ice cream49 Kč